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A short sidenote.

Our cupboard is full. More than full, actually. There are a lot of plastic bags outside, with items waiting to be put in.

I asked myself, “Did this ever happen before?” It never did.

This is what you call history…

And now I am off to reviewing for English and SocSci. Done with STR already. XD

After studying I have to write more Palancas. 2 down, 30 to go!

Posted by: Jejo | September 22, 2007

My own little cause…


That’s the link to Sir Martin’s invitation for the Mondialogo. Please read up on it if you have time.


I was one of the people who e-mailed some stuff about the Mondialogo to Sir Martin.


Ever since I found out about the Mondialogo, I was very interested and enthusiastic about it. Imagine, an international inter-school contest where participants get to interact with teams from other countries, working together to produce an integrated project which is a manifestation of the cultures of both countries.


The goal of the contest is to foster communication and friendship between people of two different nations. This alone made me want to participate. I’ve been waiting for months and months for something like a sign-up list to be posted in school, or the internet.


When I asked Sir Martin about it, I found out that the students will have to organize their teams themselves. I was deeply saddened by that fact, but as Andie Reyes told me, it is indeed better that we arrange ourselves.


That just made a problem for me. In the first place, I don’t know if there are others interested in joining. Worse, who would enlist in the team I am putting up? Take note, I am putting up.


I don’t really want to call it MY team because it just sounds so wrong. I just want to put up a team to get people interested in working with other people from around the world to produce a cultural project together. And, so far, I can’t find any.


I feel like giving up my ambition because it’s simply impossible. It looks impossible now, knowing that there IS already another team with more popular, financially capable and socially accepted members. Good luck to the CamIlang team for their cause. J


I talked to a friend and she told me that I can get people to join if I have an idea of what project the team is going to do. I don’t want to cook up ideas as of the moment because it would be a lot better if other people from the future team would also give their ideas. Moreover, we still don’t know who the partner team will be.


I’m leaving this as a hanging post. But, if you want to participate in the Mondialogo and help me put together a team, you may just leave a comment here. I’d gladly accept your assistance.

Posted by: Jejo | September 22, 2007

Separation of Church from State.

I read an article about Science High School X (used for reference purposes) at an Atheist blog (this gives you a hint). It dealt more about the separation of Government and State.

I’m writing a post about the article because I’m in SciHS-X.

Indeed, SciHS-X is PSHS.

See this quote (in verbatim):

Every week in Science High School X begins with the flag ceremony, where the students hold a prayer, sing the national anthem, recite the Panatang Makabayan, hear the announcements made, sing the school hymn, and leave wearing their IDs properly, in that order. Now, is there anything wrong with this scenario?

Leave wearing their IDs properly. Sounds familiar?

The author (who is NOT the blog owner) points out in the article that there should be a separation between Church and State, as pointed out by the Constitution. True enough.

Quoted (again, in verbatim) from the author of the article:

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, there are two things wrong with the above scenario. First is that we actually have a prayer. Secondly, the prayer comes before the national anthem. God before country? Sure, but only if you’re Christian.

The Philippines is predominantly Christian, 94% to be particular. There is a problem with higher bodies assuming the entire body to be Christian. Here’s some data that can be used to disprove that statement.

I graduated grade school from San Beda College. As all of you know, SBC is a Catholic school. Some expect that the school does not accept non-Catholics, but, they do.

For my first two years, I had a Muslim classmate (who also finished GS in SBC, and is now in CHS, also a Catholic school). I also had classmates who have different beliefs. In my seven years in that school, I have never been, and have never heard of a purely Catholic class. The non-Catholic members of the class have to fulfill requirements for Christian Living, though. Like, attending mass and attending CL class. Respect of beliefs, that is.

That just shows that the small 16% of the population which is not Catholic and the even smaller 6% of the Philippine Population which is not Christian is still dominant in terms of existence. In short: they exist.

I think that our prayers in our events in school should be a communal prayer, not a Catholic prayer. Thus, the Sign of the Cross should be omitted. As far as I can recall, class prayers (Lithium’s) before contests and events do not have the Sign of the Cross in general. We immediately start the prayer and the Catholic members of the class just do the Sign of the Cross on their own, silently.

The good point, of the anonymous author of the article is that s/he did not object to the existence of Sectarian organizations in the school, like PCORI, ORI, SCA and ACTS. PCORI is a council organized by parents, not just Catholics but Evangelicals and those who belong to other deominations as well. The latter three organizations are all student organizations, lined up with other interest organizations (say, Inkwell?). ACTS even has some Catholic members! Most of all, these organizations conduct meetings and activities outside of class hours (include Universal Break). Thus, compliance with the constitution.

I am deeply saddened by the comments, though. There are some comments with, as far as I know, false accusations. There are also some comments which are, in my opinion, biased. Just see for yourselves.

I do not hold the blog owner responsible for these. I believe in the freedom of expression, and this is a good example. I just wish that things will be clarified, sooner or later, for the benefit of everyone, the school, the readers, the author, and the public.

Posted by: Jejo | September 21, 2007

The flu.

Well, yeah, I got it. My existence is therefore restricted to restricted to my bed and my computer. Basically the entirety of my room.

I don’t know why but I always end up spelling theflu as flue. Fortunately, I realize that mistake before sending the instant message, whatever. I don’t really know.

What I hate about the flu is the fact that it makes my back hurt. Like hell. I really wanted to go to school today but I wasn’t even able to get off my bed until four hours after I woke up.

Oh well. That’s life. D:

Posted by: Jejo | September 19, 2007

I was away.

Yeah. One week…

The past seven days were the most bizarre. Insane. How can I describe it?

Humanities festival technically started Wednesday afternoon due to the rehearsals. Classes were only held in the morning (for Lithium and other sections whose classes are only until 7th period on Wednesday) and we spent the rest of the day for rehearsals.

Thursday. Opening. Tiklos, BATCH DANCE (hahaha!), CAT blah (while I was eating at Ajisakki XP ) and KONAN. Go First Years!!! Congrats to the Red team (C!, T, Li, Na, Ade, Dah, Dia, Sap) for winning the LnL!!!

KKKwiz in the afternoon. Everyone did a nice job. Sayang kung nanalo sana si Kelsy, free steak. (Please don’t kill me =)) )

Friday. Oh, what happened? Just those debates which drove me crazy. Totally crazy. I was oh so happy Li was required to attend the Future Summit. HAHAHA. Brain. Overnight at Theia’s, though I was already feeling quite sick.

Saturday. We polished off some stuff already and we’re prepared for the Monday contest.

Sunday. Additional practice, finalized. Was feeling quite worse.

Monday. Contest day. Congrats to Ruby, Jade, Emerald, Ilang-ilang, Sampaguita, Jasmin, Magnesium, Sodium, Cesium, Photon, Tau and Gluon for winning!~

Something happened, though that’s not the reason why I didn’t go to school the next day.

7PM, Tuesday. I was rushed to the ER due to extreme weakness. Diagnosis: Tension headache and muscle strain. 😐

Today, I was advised to rest. I had to go out again for some important matters for the family.

The aircon of the car was already getting very very sick for I do not know why, so we got into talks about cars. I got led to a point about asking my mom if she can avail the new car plan. She said she’ll avail of it when the office is already putting it up for grabs again.

Now the next question: Civic or Innova? I’m completely undecided. Mom is also undecided. Though I want the Innova for its functionality, practicality and versatility, something wants me to go for the Civic. Style and performance, perhaps. Though we don’t really need those in Manila streets. I still don’t know. I’ll just worry about that when the car plan is already awarded to us.

That’s all for now. Ta-ta!

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Protected: Filipino Short Story

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Sometimes, people ask me why I have too many school bags. Answer is: I’m practical.

I use the blue messenger bag if there are no books to carry and there is no PE uniform to bring as well. It’s small and compact.

I use the white backpack if I have PE or I need extra clothes.

I use the black backpack if I have books to carry (even if I have PE or I need extra clothes.)

I don’t want to stick to the black backpack only because it’s too huge for me. I hate the fact that I have to bring a really huge backpack because it’s quite heavy.

The white bag is not good for books though I prefer it a lot more than the black bag. It’s soft for my shoulders though if I put in books it’s too draggy for me.

The blue bag is for light loads, though this is my favorite one.

My point here is, I honestly think that we should be practical. And for me, practicality is not just settling for one, but considering ergonomics, comfort and function.

I’m satisfied with this number of bags because, so far, I can’t find one bag to replace all three (or two, because I don’t want to use backpacks for light loads). It’s because they’re either too heavy or too expensive.

Besides, I bought my bags during bodega sales. Except the blue one, which cost me P200 ($4) at SM Department Store. They’re really fine for the price, I tell you, and I don’t want to replace them until I graduate from High School.

Posted by: Jejo | September 11, 2007

LITHIUM: To Download.

Click the link below to download the song.


The New Minstrels

Humuhuni ang ibon, nagsasayaw sa hangin
At laging masaya
Bakit kaya ang tao, may isip at talino
Nalulungkot pa siya

Natutuhan lang, ng bawa’t nilikha
Ang umibig sa tao at daigdig
Lungkot nila’y mapapawi, ligaya’y ngingiti

Pag-ibig at pagasa ang damdaming gigising
Sa taong nahimbing
Ang tunay na ligaya sa ating mga puso
Muling magniningning

Ikaw at ako, hindi man magkalahi
Ay dapat matutong magmahal
Ituring mong tayong lahat
Ay magkakapatid

Tingnan n’yo ang sarili
Sa ating kapwa tao
Ikaw, ako, kayo, tayong lahat

Ikaw at ako, hindi man magkalahi
Ay dapat matutong magmahal
Ituring mong tayong lahat
Ay magkakapatid

Ikaw at ako, hindi man magkalahi
Ay dapat matutong magmahal
Isipin mong ikaw, ako, kayong lahat
Tayong lahat… magkakapatid!

Posted by: Jejo | September 9, 2007

The Sunday I Went to School…

As I said in my first post for today, I went to school for our rehearsals…

and the Dorm Open House.

It was a great day. Three hours with only seven classmates, waiting for others to arrive, then lunch wherein most of us guys went to the Boys’ Dorm to get food for those left in the lobby. When we got back to the lobby, lo and behold, a completely empty lobby. I called Theia and she said that they were already eating at the Girls’ Dorm. We waited for about ten minutes to bring their food back to the front lobby but they didn’t come and so we feasted upon the relatively large servings of palabok, lasagna, hotdogs and menudo. We realized that we weren’t meant for the catering services, we had leftovers for only one person, which mostly ended up in my stomach.

Theia gave me a ring and told us to go to the Girls’ Dorm to start the dormhopping. It was really fun, we went into the room of Jenny, Mara, Erin (and Koko of 3Rb) which they said was the smallest room in the building. We also went into other open rooms (the room of Franel’s crush is so huge!). We got some food and went to the Boys’ Dorm to find, of course, barracks. Not actually, but, of course, it’s expected that girls keep rooms a lot better than guys. I braced myself for a rat or cockroach sighting because of reported cases (a rat in Jer’s cabinet O_o) but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the comfort room and shower room at the second floor. We (about half of Lithium) technically locked ourselves in the said room and became a very vain class (about as vain or even more than that of Beryllium’s vanity). I saw that little black plaque on one of the thin walls dividing the shower cubicles, and I knew that the renovation of the room was made possible because of a donation by Batch 2008.

When we went out to what they pertained to as the real world (we called the CR a hotel), we went into the rooms of our guy dormers. Ervin was in another room than that of RJ, Raymond, Niko and Lester. Mark, Janus and Migs were in another room. I actually liked Ervin’s room because it was quite comfy and the room was quite well-maintained. And, yes, that room has a Monopoly set (care of Jhon Sioson) which we didn’t touch because our class considers talking as the better form of class bonding. We went out and went Raymond’s room which was finally “open to the public” after they shortly closed it for cleaning. It was fine, but I can say Ervin’s was better. We went to other rooms because Migs’ room was still closed thus we had to wait for it to open. And when it was opened, I got to think…

Note that the comfort room was very modern and pleasant to the eye. Note that the residence rooms were quite, plain, and somehow expected of a government-owned facility. Basically like our classrooms. Not that I’m saying that I will never want to step in the dorms (I actually like the dorm rooms)  ever again, but do we really need private parties to sponsor improvements to government facilities?

Let’s take a tour across half of the globe and land at the USA. Government facilities are very beautiful and clean, while private ones look like those of the government’s here in our country. In short, it’s the complete opposite.

I wonder, why is it like that? Can the government release more money for the improvement of its structures, particularly its classrooms and dormitories? Is there even enough money from the taxes collected from Juan dela Cruz?

Hear the government be proud about very high collections during quarterly tax periods. If they get to collect that much, why do we still lack money? We even borrow from the World Bank and other global financial institutions.

What happens to these millions of dollars we have?

Is there something happening to the money of the people from the hands of the tax collectors to the hands of those who will execute the project?

I ardently believe that the money our taxpayers pay to the government should be used for the sake of each and every Filipino.

But, what is happening now? Are there ghosts taking the money away for their own use? What is happening to our country because of these ghosts? Do they see that in the end, the people who pay are those who suffer from their actions?

I’m not naming anyone nor pertain to a single person, because I know that in the service, there are still a lot of people who live to serve, for better or for worse. They treat public service as if it was a lifelong bond like marriage, and those are the real servants.

I suddenly recall those placards placed above our chalkboards. One says “Bayan muna” and “Kahusayan ng isip at puso”.

Kahusayan ng puso… sa damdamin at diwa.

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What’s in High School Musical?

While I am waiting for Jo (my SocSci groupmate) to go online and for my mom to finish cleaning up my study area, something suddenly struck my mind.

Tonight is the TV premiere of the sequel to the well-known High School Musical, High School Musical 2. (Oh, the creativity.)

Even with the advent of Vanessa Anne Hudgens’ scandalous pictures, most of those who have watched / heard of HSM are definitely watching HSM2. A lot of my friends have already watched it, through pirated DVDs (unfortunately) but I am yet to watch it.

A big question is why people love the film. Even though Troy (Zac Efron) looks horribly gay in the film, the story is very relevant to me, my friends, and possibly the entire high school student population around the world. More or less it’s like a generalized form of “Pisay” by Aureaus Solito.

Besides, it’s a good way to remove stress from my system. Of course, that’s temporary. Stress removal can never be permanent.

I don’t really know what to expect in this second production of HSM, primarily because the storyline is quite different than that of the first. It’s set during their summer vacation (which I long for as of this moment) and they’re taking on some summer jobs. Sharpay still has his inner motives Troy, as shown by some commercials and, yeah, basically high school and summer fun.

I’m making it a point to watch the premiere because of one reason: rest. I want to get over some of my own problems regarding grades and for me, entertainment is indeed one of the best forms. I don’t know if that’s also the case for you but what matters is that I get to rest.

Expect my post about the Dorm Open House in about an hour. That is, if Jo still doesn’t go online.

Note: I’ve been listening to “Beautiful Girls” nonstop since I started my computer…

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