Posted by: Jejo | October 10, 2007

Acceptance is the key

Today was the dreaded Math 4 2nd Quarter Grade Revelation Day and when I got to the Sapphire classroom before Math (the room was empty), I wrote that on the uppermost portion of the board.

I knew I was destined to fail. Like, yeah, that kind of class standing? I think I even got more points in the 30% Periodic Test than the 70% Class Standing. =))

But, something unexpected happened.

I expected to fail.

I expected to get a 3.00, or maybe even worse, a 4.00.

I knew having a 2.75 would be simply impossible for me.

Yes, I failed.

But, I got a freaking 2.75.

I squealed and rejoiced then Jenny reminded me of my ever-popular tagline (only Li knows that šŸ˜› ) but I replied…

“Bagsak rin ako! Tralala!”

Never have I been this happy about grades in a relatively long time. Yeah, when I get 1.00s, I become happy, but the effect is not like this. I don’t cry tears of joy when I get 1.00s, but, today I cried. Not of failure. I cried because I got more than what I expected. Way more, actually. Though the difference between a 3.00 and a 2.75 is only one step, it’s very big to me already.

If someone brags to me about his grade (I don’t really know if that will happen), I’ll reply…

“I got a 2.75. Ha, beat that!”


I’ll go and work on SocSci now…

Tralala šŸ˜›


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