Posted by: Jejo | October 1, 2007

Messed up…

Gah, my life is pretty much messed up already.

I’m in danger of failing a lot of subjects (well, yeah, I’m definitely failing in Math, no questions asked) and, well, Periodic Exams are coming up.

Usually, periodic exams are easier than long tests (especially in Math), but, it’s something like a do-or-die test. Especially in those subjects which are in critical state.

I do not understand why I am blogging when I’m supposed to be studying now. Ah, relaxation. I want to sieve my brain and get out nerdily excessive knowledge and I should also have room for breathing.

Anyway, I bought a study table and a mirror with a cabinet for all my mom’s perfumes and those blah last Saturday. The people at SM told us that the stuff will arrive yesterday (Sunday). I waited. We waited. And waited. For nothing. I even ended up writing Palancas because I finished more than what I was supposed to do yesterday just because of waiting.

Just before Bio today, I finally got the news that the stuff already arrived. And, yeah, they’re in pretty good condition.

I just wish the people in SM would do their part in their commitment (the delivery) because we do our part (the cash!)

In other news, I’m gonna be a busy bee for the entirety of the week so expect the next update on Sunday night. Darn, that will more likely than not end up to be a sentimental update because by that time I just arrived from the retreat.

I’m very disheartened by the fact that I will fail many (more than one) classes this quarter. It’s pretty annoying, though I do have to admit my performance isn’t the optimal. I just have to make bawi next quarter. There’s still an entire semester to pull grades up. I just wish I pass the periodic exams in Math, Chem and Physics by a reasonable margin. And, yes I finally found that Physics lab report. Perhaps I can pass it this week with a huge deduction though I’m pretty sure it’s not a zero.

Yes, I have to admit. I’m already stressed out and I still have to stress out myself even more. If I don’t go crazy over studying (not in the NO-EATING-UNTIL-YOU-UNDERSTAND-EVERYTHING) sense of the word, I’ll get very stressed out when I see my grades and when it’s a tad bit too late to pull grades up.

For this week’s schedule, I’m fitting in the English FilJourn assignments and the rest of the Palanca letters all on Thursday afternoon and night (the day before they’re due) because I still have time slots for them (I’m working from 1PM to 11PM, breaks included for Thursday). Wednesday will be quite short for me. I have a tutorial session for Math thus I get home at 7PM. Perhaps I can study Math after the Chem PQ and while waiting for the tutor then I study Bio when I get home and re-read on Math just before going to sleep. Tuesday will be a long night for me (6-11) while tonight, I’m also sleeping at 11.

Really stressful schedule, isn’t it? Well, I take rests in between (like what I’m doing now). I can’t force my body to take in knowledge like there’s no pause button on an iPod. I just take rest periods when I have to, and I gauge if the “overload” has already set in thus I can continue.

Now, the question is, how can I cool off after the exams? Well, yeah, the retreat can help but I might also end up emotional. I can go and find peace of mind there. Let’s see. If the relaxation of the retreat isn’t enough, I’m gonna go and take it easy the week after. Yeah, I know there are long exams and Bio post-quarters but I’ll just refresh my memory of what I studied for during the perio.

I have to go now to continue studying (perhaps find summaries for KGW before trying once more to hurdle Chapter 5.)

Good luck to me and to all. XD


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