Posted by: Jejo | September 24, 2007


I loved Septembers. They are odd but cool months.

Last year’s was great, though there was no fashion show and there was a bad storm at the end of the month. The suffering for the latter took place in October though.

But this month was so odd. It started badly (psychological warfare) and is currently going like hell. Only good points: Foundation Day and BK. Lookie, I didn’t enjoy Humanities Festival. I gladly took part in the Di-kum, but, still, the rest of the festival is, err… “Braaaaaaain!” I got too tired because of that.

I also became really sickly this month. So far 5 absences already and I don’t want it to become 6.

Math and CS Long Tests tomorrow. Damn, two pure memorization tests. This is gonna be tough. I don’t think I’ll be sleeping till… 1?

Good luck to me, you, and everyone. May you enjoy the rest of September.



  1. All the best in your exams. I’ll be praying for you. God Bless! =)

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