Posted by: Jejo | September 22, 2007

My own little cause…


That’s the link to Sir Martin’s invitation for the Mondialogo. Please read up on it if you have time.


I was one of the people who e-mailed some stuff about the Mondialogo to Sir Martin.


Ever since I found out about the Mondialogo, I was very interested and enthusiastic about it. Imagine, an international inter-school contest where participants get to interact with teams from other countries, working together to produce an integrated project which is a manifestation of the cultures of both countries.


The goal of the contest is to foster communication and friendship between people of two different nations. This alone made me want to participate. I’ve been waiting for months and months for something like a sign-up list to be posted in school, or the internet.


When I asked Sir Martin about it, I found out that the students will have to organize their teams themselves. I was deeply saddened by that fact, but as Andie Reyes told me, it is indeed better that we arrange ourselves.


That just made a problem for me. In the first place, I don’t know if there are others interested in joining. Worse, who would enlist in the team I am putting up? Take note, I am putting up.


I don’t really want to call it MY team because it just sounds so wrong. I just want to put up a team to get people interested in working with other people from around the world to produce a cultural project together. And, so far, I can’t find any.


I feel like giving up my ambition because it’s simply impossible. It looks impossible now, knowing that there IS already another team with more popular, financially capable and socially accepted members. Good luck to the CamIlang team for their cause. J


I talked to a friend and she told me that I can get people to join if I have an idea of what project the team is going to do. I don’t want to cook up ideas as of the moment because it would be a lot better if other people from the future team would also give their ideas. Moreover, we still don’t know who the partner team will be.


I’m leaving this as a hanging post. But, if you want to participate in the Mondialogo and help me put together a team, you may just leave a comment here. I’d gladly accept your assistance.



  1. Hi, Jejo. Sorry if you were disappointed about forming your own teams. However, this is better since you guys will have to be personally invested in this. Joining the project will require that you work during the summer, and it would be best if you are with people you are comfortable with working. Nonetheless, I will send out a general casting call for all those interested. Perhaps, those people can band together and form groups. Stay tuned.

  2. I didn’t mean monopolize ideas, of course.

    Um, to expound on what I said…I think people would be more willing if you had at least a rough sketch of what you want to do. (You can, of course, revise it later or completely change it…)

    I mean, it would be easier to convince people to join a team with a goal–even if it’s a not-so-set-in-stone goal–rather than a team that will sit around waiting before it can do anything much XC

    So yeah. Don’t give up just yet. ^_^

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