Posted by: Jejo | September 19, 2007

I was away.

Yeah. One week…

The past seven days were the most bizarre. Insane. How can I describe it?

Humanities festival technically started Wednesday afternoon due to the rehearsals. Classes were only held in the morning (for Lithium and other sections whose classes are only until 7th period on Wednesday) and we spent the rest of the day for rehearsals.

Thursday. Opening. Tiklos, BATCH DANCE (hahaha!), CAT blah (while I was eating at Ajisakki XP ) and KONAN. Go First Years!!! Congrats to the Red team (C!, T, Li, Na, Ade, Dah, Dia, Sap) for winning the LnL!!!

KKKwiz in the afternoon. Everyone did a nice job. Sayang kung nanalo sana si Kelsy, free steak. (Please don’t kill me =)) )

Friday. Oh, what happened? Just those debates which drove me crazy. Totally crazy. I was oh so happy Li was required to attend the Future Summit. HAHAHA. Brain. Overnight at Theia’s, though I was already feeling quite sick.

Saturday. We polished off some stuff already and we’re prepared for the Monday contest.

Sunday. Additional practice, finalized. Was feeling quite worse.

Monday. Contest day. Congrats to Ruby, Jade, Emerald, Ilang-ilang, Sampaguita, Jasmin, Magnesium, Sodium, Cesium, Photon, Tau and Gluon for winning!~

Something happened, though that’s not the reason why I didn’t go to school the next day.

7PM, Tuesday. I was rushed to the ER due to extreme weakness. Diagnosis: Tension headache and muscle strain. 😐

Today, I was advised to rest. I had to go out again for some important matters for the family.

The aircon of the car was already getting very very sick for I do not know why, so we got into talks about cars. I got led to a point about asking my mom if she can avail the new car plan. She said she’ll avail of it when the office is already putting it up for grabs again.

Now the next question: Civic or Innova? I’m completely undecided. Mom is also undecided. Though I want the Innova for its functionality, practicality and versatility, something wants me to go for the Civic. Style and performance, perhaps. Though we don’t really need those in Manila streets. I still don’t know. I’ll just worry about that when the car plan is already awarded to us.

That’s all for now. Ta-ta!


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