Posted by: Jejo | September 12, 2007

I have three bags, the black and the white. Oh, the blue too.

Sometimes, people ask me why I have too many school bags. Answer is: I’m practical.

I use the blue messenger bag if there are no books to carry and there is no PE uniform to bring as well. It’s small and compact.

I use the white backpack if I have PE or I need extra clothes.

I use the black backpack if I have books to carry (even if I have PE or I need extra clothes.)

I don’t want to stick to the black backpack only because it’s too huge for me. I hate the fact that I have to bring a really huge backpack because it’s quite heavy.

The white bag is not good for books though I prefer it a lot more than the black bag. It’s soft for my shoulders though if I put in books it’s too draggy for me.

The blue bag is for light loads, though this is my favorite one.

My point here is, I honestly think that we should be practical. And for me, practicality is not just settling for one, but considering ergonomics, comfort and function.

I’m satisfied with this number of bags because, so far, I can’t find one bag to replace all three (or two, because I don’t want to use backpacks for light loads). It’s because they’re either too heavy or too expensive.

Besides, I bought my bags during bodega sales. Except the blue one, which cost me P200 ($4) at SM Department Store. They’re really fine for the price, I tell you, and I don’t want to replace them until I graduate from High School.



  1. I only have the orange bag for my books and notebooks and the violet one for PE stuff. I usually bring small bags during perio (the ones you get from promos). Hehe, I like my orange bag. 😀

  2. ang cheap naman nung price nung blue bag…XD

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