Posted by: Jejo | September 9, 2007

The Sunday I Went to School…

As I said in my first post for today, I went to school for our rehearsals…

and the Dorm Open House.

It was a great day. Three hours with only seven classmates, waiting for others to arrive, then lunch wherein most of us guys went to the Boys’ Dorm to get food for those left in the lobby. When we got back to the lobby, lo and behold, a completely empty lobby. I called Theia and she said that they were already eating at the Girls’ Dorm. We waited for about ten minutes to bring their food back to the front lobby but they didn’t come and so we feasted upon the relatively large servings of palabok, lasagna, hotdogs and menudo. We realized that we weren’t meant for the catering services, we had leftovers for only one person, which mostly ended up in my stomach.

Theia gave me a ring and told us to go to the Girls’ Dorm to start the dormhopping. It was really fun, we went into the room of Jenny, Mara, Erin (and Koko of 3Rb) which they said was the smallest room in the building. We also went into other open rooms (the room of Franel’s crush is so huge!). We got some food and went to the Boys’ Dorm to find, of course, barracks. Not actually, but, of course, it’s expected that girls keep rooms a lot better than guys. I braced myself for a rat or cockroach sighting because of reported cases (a rat in Jer’s cabinet O_o) but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the comfort room and shower room at the second floor. We (about half of Lithium) technically locked ourselves in the said room and became a very vain class (about as vain or even more than that of Beryllium’s vanity). I saw that little black plaque on one of the thin walls dividing the shower cubicles, and I knew that the renovation of the room was made possible because of a donation by Batch 2008.

When we went out to what they pertained to as the real world (we called the CR a hotel), we went into the rooms of our guy dormers. Ervin was in another room than that of RJ, Raymond, Niko and Lester. Mark, Janus and Migs were in another room. I actually liked Ervin’s room because it was quite comfy and the room was quite well-maintained. And, yes, that room has a Monopoly set (care of Jhon Sioson) which we didn’t touch because our class considers talking as the better form of class bonding. We went out and went Raymond’s room which was finally “open to the public” after they shortly closed it for cleaning. It was fine, but I can say Ervin’s was better. We went to other rooms because Migs’ room was still closed thus we had to wait for it to open. And when it was opened, I got to think…

Note that the comfort room was very modern and pleasant to the eye. Note that the residence rooms were quite, plain, and somehow expected of a government-owned facility. Basically like our classrooms. Not that I’m saying that I will never want to step in the dorms (I actually like the dorm rooms)  ever again, but do we really need private parties to sponsor improvements to government facilities?

Let’s take a tour across half of the globe and land at the USA. Government facilities are very beautiful and clean, while private ones look like those of the government’s here in our country. In short, it’s the complete opposite.

I wonder, why is it like that? Can the government release more money for the improvement of its structures, particularly its classrooms and dormitories? Is there even enough money from the taxes collected from Juan dela Cruz?

Hear the government be proud about very high collections during quarterly tax periods. If they get to collect that much, why do we still lack money? We even borrow from the World Bank and other global financial institutions.

What happens to these millions of dollars we have?

Is there something happening to the money of the people from the hands of the tax collectors to the hands of those who will execute the project?

I ardently believe that the money our taxpayers pay to the government should be used for the sake of each and every Filipino.

But, what is happening now? Are there ghosts taking the money away for their own use? What is happening to our country because of these ghosts? Do they see that in the end, the people who pay are those who suffer from their actions?

I’m not naming anyone nor pertain to a single person, because I know that in the service, there are still a lot of people who live to serve, for better or for worse. They treat public service as if it was a lifelong bond like marriage, and those are the real servants.

I suddenly recall those placards placed above our chalkboards. One says “Bayan muna” and “Kahusayan ng isip at puso”.

Kahusayan ng puso… sa damdamin at diwa.



  1. room nila ervin? room namin yun eh… tnks jejo… ^^,

    -yung kaklase mo ning 1st year… nyak nyak nyak….

  2. woi… daryll! (i can still be casual here in my blog… kung trip ko XP)

    oo. labs ko rum nyo. lalo na kama ni ervin, napakascandalous. at napakalambot. (di ko na sasabihin kung bakit scandalous pero.. basta XD)

    kung bigla akong maging dormer pinagdarasal ko mapunta ako sa room 304. hahaha

  3. JOKE!!!

    ONE WEEK AFTER ko lang narealize na…

    Daryll Panaligan Hydroxide Ion

    Jiann Pacunana == Hydroxide Ion

  4. huii. you can never be vainer than us.. :)) kung saan saan kami nagpipicture..mga walangya na nga kami ehh..agawan pa ng cam.. :))

  5. nagawa nyo na bang magpa-pic sa CR ng boys’ dorm?!? sa boys’ CR, kasama ang LAHAT ng girls ng class?!?

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