Posted by: Jejo | September 8, 2007


(Note: This is my post about Blogger’s Kapihan. This is also my entry for that free webhosting I desire :D)

I just got home from school last Wednesday, 29th of August, when I booted my computer and did my usual internet routine. One of the first sites I stumbled upon was Sir Martin’s blog, and I saw THIS. I was really determined to join but there were some circumstances which prevented me to.

Something happened on the 2nd of September which is way too personal I can’t divulge here which turned the table around, thus giving me the opportunity to attend BK.

And something again came up last Thursday which nearly changed things all over again but fortunately fate wanted me to.

Gah, this sounds too personal now, I don’t want to lose my focus.

BK was great event for me. It was a really nice event but an unexpected meet with some person but I didn’t really have to interact with him. It didn’t really matter. I sat beside Gaby, one of my closest friends, during the entirety of the talk and it was a good one, I must say.

I learned A LOT from the speakers, Mr. Victor Villanueva, Mr. Abe Olandres and “The Explainer” Mr. Manolo Quezon. These can be condensed into a few bullet points, but, hey, it’s a big deal.

  • Blogging should not be restricted to a certain audience. The general public must be able to relate to the contents of the blog in order for readership to increase.
  • Choice of words is very important, especially if there are many readers. You don’t really know who your readers are unless you do some sort of a miracle to be able to know each person who desires to enter your blog. They may use your words against you.
  • A responsible blogger is also a responsible facilitator. It’s ironic how Mr. Olandres got himself into trouble because of a comment at his blog. Lesson learned for me: screen comments.
  • Being insightful is good. If you want to hide something (like, something relatively confidential) but you want people to know the message, use your insights. If not, you can use a related story in communicating your message.
  • It’s not easy to earn money in blogging. Publicity is oh so important. Why would sponsors pay you if only three grandmothers read your blog, right?

And for those who are curious, this new blog is a product of what I learned from BK, and after.

While waiting for my ride home (my parents went somewhere so I had to wait for about 20 minutes), I saw Mr. Villanueva walk down the front lobby, going home. I approached him and talked to him about my problem. I found my oh-so-childish posts quite exclusive to my former audience and I want to open up to the general public. I asked him if I can start a new blog for that sake even if my old one was only 2 months old, and he said, YES.

I don’t really expect this blog to be an instant hit in the local blogosphere but I can do that slowly. Having “Come Tomorrow” in my reputation is an advantage. If I was able to do it for CT, why can’t I do it for this one?

Another question… will I win the free web hosting? I don’t really care about that though it would be a lot better if I really win that. Though that was my primary cause for writing this, I realized as I was writing that it’s the documentation of the event that counts.


Thanks to the following for sponsoring Bloggers’ Kapihan. This fantastic event wouldn’t have been possible without you!





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For more information about Bloggers’ Kapihan, visit their website at



  1. It is great to know that you learned a lot from the said event. Thank you for mentioning the sponsors too. Cheers!

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