Posted by: Jejo | September 8, 2007

But… why?

I think this is my fifteenth blog. The second in 3 months.

I don’t really give a damn about that fact. Simply because I’m not satisfied with the old one and I want to start again.

Today, the first Blogger’s Kapihan was held at Pisay’s very own ASTB-AVR. I got to meet a lot of local blogging personalities and I learned a lot. I didn’t really mind about the booze coffee, because I attended the talk for enlightenment and inspiration. Yes, I got both.

This is a new beginning and I want the general public to be my audience. In my old blogs, I usually write things which are not relevant to most people, just to PSHS students and those who want to know what really happens in PSHS.

Expect me to write about basically anything under the sun. Technology, food, social & political issues. Perhaps fashion can count in too, expect a few articles about my own fashion taste.

But don’t expect that this blog will not contain anything about my personal life. That’s the essence, actually, though I’m making it relevant to the public. Why would I write something about my three school bags if there’s nothing behind it? I think my three bags represent the Philippines (to know why, wait for my next entries.)

Sooner or later I’m going to write something about what happened today, the Family Day, and Blogger’s Kapihan.

And, here’s what to expect in the near future:

  • A post about Blogger’s Kapihan (I don’t really know when, but I do want that free webhosting.)
  • A post about my digital camera (Tonight, perhaps?)
  • A post about Malu Fernandez (I assume you know her. I’m yet to read the entirety of her rants and raves about the OFW. See, I’m making a sacrifice. I’m making my eyes bleed for this XD)
  • A post about my three school bags
  • And many more… (Ideas pop out of nowhere. I’m making it a point that I should also include in my personal notebook, the notebook I use for all subjects not requiring notebooks, some ideas to blog about.

With that, I welcome you all to “Anything Under the Sun”.



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  5. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for reveal..more wait around .. …

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